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A hometown hero with a heart of gold, Jack Stratton was raised in a whorehouse by his prostitute mother. When his foster mother asks him to look into a missing girl’s disappearance, Jack quickly gets drawn into a baffling mystery. As Jack digs deeper, everyone becomes a suspect— including himself. Caught between the criminals and the cops, can Jack discover the truth in time to save the girl? Or will he become the next victim?

Police Officer Jack Stratton is hiding. Hiding from the world. From pain. From the memories of losing his best friend, Chandler, in Iraq. Suffering from PTSD, and isolated from those he cares about, the last thing Jack expects to hear is that Chandler’s sister is missing. The police think she just took off, but Jack knows Michelle would never leave behind those she loved—like he did. Now Jack must take action, find Michelle, and bring her home... or die trying.


Jack Stratton is the “hometown hero cop with a heart of gold.” Constant nightmares have forced him to seek answers about his rough childhood and the dark secrets hidden there. With Replacement by his side, Jack travels to Hope Falls to solve a murder that occurred before he was born. Everyone in the small town remembers the unsolved murder of Steven Ritter, but after 27 years, no one thought that someone would look into it—but they don’t know Jack.

Jack Stratton is back in this action-packed, thrilling adventure. When Marisa, an old flame, disappears no one thinks it’s suspicious except Jack and one unbalanced witness. Determined to listen to his instincts, Jack and his feisty sidekick plunge ahead and start tracking down leads, hoping to find Marisa in time.  Jack must navigate through assassins and cold-blooded hit men to outwit the cunning kidnappers before it is too late.


Stratton is back in another action-packed, thrilling adventure. While recovering from a gunshot wound and the loss of his job on the police force, Jack’s romance with feisty Alice (aka Replacement) continues to develop. When Alice gets a seemingly harmless private investigation job—locate the owner of a lost dog—Jack grudgingly assists. Little do they know it will place them both in the crosshairs of a merciless serial killer.

In this digital age of hackers, spyware, and cyber terrorism—data is more valuable than gold. Thieves plan to steal the keys to the digital kingdom and with this much money at stake, they’ll kill for it. Can Jack and Alice (aka Replacement) stop the pack of ruthless criminals before they can Data Jack?


When his mother and the members of her neighborhood book club ask him to catch the “Orange Blossom Cove Bandit,” a small-time thief who’s stealing garden gnomes and peace of mind from their quiet retirement community, how can Jack refuse? 
The peculiar mystery proves to be more than it appears, and things take a deadly turn. Now, Jack finds it's up to him to stop a crazed killer, save his parents, and win the hand of the girl he loves—but if he survives, will it be Jack who ends up with a broken heart?

Jack has a new assignment: to investigate the suspicious death of a soundman on the hit TV show Planet Survival.  Jack goes undercover as a security agent where the show is filming on nearby Mount Minuit. Soon trapped on the treacherous peak by a blizzard, a mysterious killer continues to stalk the cast and crew of Planet Survival.  What started out as a game is now a deadly competition for survival. As the temperature drops and the body count rises, what will get them first? The mountain or the killer?




The Detective Jack Stratton Mystery-Thriller Collection contains four novels from the highly acclaimed, wildly popular series with more than 5,000 five-star reviews by Wall Street Journal bestselling author Christopher Greyson. This set includes four stand alone, bestselling novels: Girl Jacked, Jack Knifed, Jacks are Wild, and Jack and the Giant Killer. Order the Detective Jack Stratton Mystery Thriller Collection and join Jack and Alice and over a million readers in their latest adventure today. 



Ten years ago, four people were brutally murdered. One girl lived. As the anniversary of the murders approaches, Faith Winters is released from the psychiatric hospital and yanked back to the last spot on earth she wants to be—her hometown where the slayings took place. Wracked by the lingering echoes of survivor’s guilt, Faith spirals into a black hole of alcoholism and wanton self-destruction. Finding no solace at the bottom of a bottle, Faith decides to track down her sister’s killer—and then discovers that she’s the one being hunted.

Orphaned and alone, rogue-teen Dean Walker has learned how to take care of himself on the rough city streets. Unjustly wanted by the police, he takes refuge within the shadows of the city. When Dean stumbles upon an old man being mugged, he tries to help—only to discover that the victim is anything but helpless and far more than he appears. Together with three friends, he sets out on an epic quest where only the pure of heart will prevail.