When I was younger, I was in a summer theater program at Emerson College in Boston. We had to pick from one of five different productions. Without knowing what any of them were about, my friend scanned the different crowds of people and headed off to the last table to sign-up. As he grabbed the clipboard, I read the description – It was an all-dancing production.

"Dancing? Why would you pick dancing?" I asked my friend, who was about as graceful as a drunken hippo on ice skates.

A grin stretched from ear to ear as he gestured to the huge group that was 99% girls. "I like the company," he said.

I smiled and signed-up with him. To be honest, it was one of the best summers of my life. :)

“Jack Knifed” right now is on fire, and as a result, I'm the #7 best-selling Romantic Suspense writer. As I scanned through the list of all the wonderful Authors, I realized something... I'm the only guy in the top 50.