Jack and the Giant Killer is available for Pre-Release on Amazon.

You can order it here.

I'm still polishing off some burs and then it's off to the editors! You'll notice that I didn't use an apostrophe with editors and that's because I use two! Karen Lawson and Janet Hitchcock of The Proof is in the Reading do an absolutely wonderful job on the books. I recently had them go through all three again (They are currently on Jacks are Wild). I really strive to put the best books out there so I sent the first three books in for a wax and polish too!

I hope you love Jack and the Giant Killer. It should be out early October! The pre-release program is new on Amazon so I set the release date there as far back as possible just in case ;)

One favor to ask? If you haven't placed a review on each book, please do. They really help with sales.

Thanks again and I hope to be posting a "YEAH! IT'S AVAILABLE" soon.