New Novel in the Bestselling Detective Jack Stratton Mystery-Thriller Series

Jack of Hearts

Jack of Hearts is available for pre-order today!

I'm pleased to announce my latest Detective Jack Stratton novel is now available for pre-order. Jack of Hearts is a heart-pounding mystery filled with action, humor and a dash of romanceJoin Jack, Alice and Lady on a wild adventure to sunny Florida in Jack of Hearts. I don’t want to give anything away, so I’ll let the book’s blurb do the talking for me:

Jack Stratton is heading south for some fun in the sun. Already nervous about introducing his girlfriend, Alice, to his parents, the last thing Jack needed was for the dog-sitter to cancel, forcing him to bring Lady, their 120-pound King Shepherd, on the plane with them. The dog holds Jack responsible and wants payback. On top of everything, Jack is still waiting for Alice’s answer to his marriage proposal.

When his mother and the members of her neighborhood book club ask him to catch the “Orange Blossom Cove Bandit,” a small-time thief who’s stealing garden gnomes and peace of mind from their quiet retirement community, how can Jack refuse?

The peculiar mystery proves to be more than it appears, and things take a deadly turn. Now, Jack finds it's up to him to stop a crazed killer, save his parents, and win the hand of the girl he loves—but if he survives, will it be Jack who ends up with a broken heart?

Grab your pre-order copy of this brand-new novel in the highly-acclaimed, wildly-popular Detective Jack Stratton Series, by Wall Street Journal bestselling author Christopher Greyson, and be one of the first to start reading this thrilling whodunit today! Click here to pre-order.