The Love Life of a Detective – The Good, The Bad, And The UGLY!

To Detective Jack Stratton, love, like life itself, is both a mystery and an adventure - and in Jack’s case, a downright DANGEROUS one! Now if you know Jack, you know that Jack isn’t afraid of danger, he’s drawn to it like a moth to a flame. The hotter and more intense it gets, the better.

Detective Jack Stratton has a “what you see is what you get” persona. He is a Johnny Cash of sorts; he loves deeply, but that leaves him to be vulnerable enough to be hurt deeply as well.  What kind of woman would want to love a man like Jack? ...Someone capable of climbing over the wall he has built around his battered heart. ...Someone strong who can see past Jack’s defense system and take the risk of being loved by him.

Who could be Detective Jack Stratton’s perfect “partner in crime”?

What do you think of Jack’s love life?

Are you in love with an officer? I want to hear from you!

Data Jack Cover Reveal Plus New Kindle FIRE Giveaway

Data Jack Cover Reveal

Let the reader's voice be heard!

What do you think of the cover?

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Here's an advanced sneak peak of Data Jack:

Jack Stratton’s back is up against the wall. He’s broke, kicked off the force and the bounty hunting business has slowed to a trickle. With no money coming in, Jack’s license to carry suspended, and no good job prospects on the horizon, Jack’s got it tough. He thinks things are turning around when Replacement gets a lucrative job setting up a home data network. That is until he discovers it’s for a handsome, jet-setting software tycoon. The “boy billionaire” as Jack begrudgingly refers to him, takes a liking to computer savvy Alice. Jealous, Jack thinks life can’t get any worse, but when the computer program the CEO invented becomes the key tool in an international data heist—things turn deadly. In this digital age of hackers, spyware and cyber terrorism—data is more valuable than gold. The thieves plan to steal the keys to the digital kingdom and with this much money at stake, they’ll kill for it. Can Jack and Replacement stop the pack of ruthless criminals before they can Data Jack?

Available 2015

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My first Kindle FIRE Tablet giveaway was such an overwhelming sucess, I am doing it again! Go to  to the Giveaways tab to register. No purchase is necessary. Its just my way to say thanks to my loyal readers (plus I love giving away stuff). With this giveaway you can earn even more entries each day when you refer a friend or post a comment about the Jack Stratton series. Here is a link to the contest.

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Pure of Heart

I can't believe that Pure of Heart is so close to being out. It is available for pre-order on Amazon. I'm always torn when I finish a book. I don't like to let go. I still have some buffing and polishing to do but it will be out shortly! Please see the blurb and cover bellow.

Orphaned and living on the streets, Dean Walker has learned how to take care of himself. Wanted by the police, he hides among the shadows of the city. When he sees an old man being mugged, Dean tries to help, only to find out that the victim is anything but helpless and far more than he appears. The old man claims to be from another world that’s being destroyed. He’s traveled through the middle stone to earth seeking help. Certain that Dean is the one he’s been looking for, he convinces Dean to go back through the middle stone to try and save his world. Dean embarks on a journey where he faces dragons, wizards, and Krulgs who will do anything to stop him. But he’s not alone. Along the way, he meets an inquisitive Elvana, a courageous Dwarf and a beautiful Elven warrior. Together, the four friends set out on an epic quest where only the pure of heart can prevail.

Filled with action, romance, and humor, Pure of Heart is a fantasy thrill ride into a land filled with wonder and excitement.

Here is the cover:

Data Jack

I'm trying to blog more but so far with little success! On the other side of that coin, I'm working on Data Jack! With this book, it will be more of a thriller so I'm cranking up the music and going back to writing!

Thank you to everyone for all your support! Please continue to tell people about the Jack Stratton series.


Jack and the Giant Killer is available for Pre-Release on Amazon.

You can order it here.

I'm still polishing off some burs and then it's off to the editors! You'll notice that I didn't use an apostrophe with editors and that's because I use two! Karen Lawson and Janet Hitchcock of The Proof is in the Reading do an absolutely wonderful job on the books. I recently had them go through all three again (They are currently on Jacks are Wild). I really strive to put the best books out there so I sent the first three books in for a wax and polish too!

I hope you love Jack and the Giant Killer. It should be out early October! The pre-release program is new on Amazon so I set the release date there as far back as possible just in case ;)

One favor to ask? If you haven't placed a review on each book, please do. They really help with sales.

Thanks again and I hope to be posting a "YEAH! IT'S AVAILABLE" soon.

New Cover

As Jack and the Giant Killer gets closer to its release, I want to share the new cover with you. I'd love to hear what you think! 


Also, please keep an eye out for my wife's series of books coming out VERY soon: Everyone Keeps Secrets. They are fabulous. You can visit her website here:

Jack and the Giant Killer and 300+ Stars

I just wanted to give a quick Jack and the Giant Killer update. It's moving right along and I'm still gunning for a release by the end of summer. Look to see more of Undersheriff Morrison in this one.

Thank you for everyone who is giving reviews to all three books! All three now have over 100 reviews each and over 312 5 ***** Stars!

Guest Interview

I recently had the pleasure of giving an interview on David Chuka's blog. David is an author who lives across the pond from me in England. He's a great guy and has a very nice site. David has written quite a few Children's Books that you can see on his Author's page and he's working on a mystery that I can't wait to read.

I really liked the questions David asked in the interview because they got me thinking. If you'd like a little more insight into the development process of the Jack Stratton series and you have a moment, you can read the interview here:


I'm going to be covering more of Alice's back story in Jack and the Giant Killer. I'm working on it this morning and realized something... not to sound too crazy but Replacement surprises me at times. They way I write - I try to 'watch' the story. So... I'm writting and I have Jack and Replacement in this situation and she cracks me up. I don't want to give anything away but it's one of those defending Jack moments and if there is anything in this world that she's protective of -- it's Jack.

Jack and the Giant Killer is still on schedule to be released by the end of summer!

Some Author pics

I just added some author photos. I don't have to many pictures of the little storyteller but here is one of my favorites.

This is the original inspiration for Jack's Impala. And yes... I loved that car.

The final author picture I posted is of a Dodge Charger. Jack's new ride.

Fighting and Crying

After my last post, I'm even more hesitant to admit this... I cry.

I'm not talking about mournful crying; I'm speaking about happy crying. Like I cried when I got married, I cried when my kids were born. 

It is such a strange thing for me because I was raised not to cry. My father died suddenly when I was a month old and with four brothers and one sister above me, you learned to be tough. Tears were not an option.

Growing up like that, you learned to fight. Not just fist fights, which I had lots of, but to fight for things. I know someone would say, don't use fight, use strive - like I was striving for the prize. That would be wrong and too genteel. I don't strive for something, I fight. I fight to be a better husband. I fight to be a better father. I fight to be a better writer.

I wake up at 4:30 am and write. I edit the book. I read it over and over and over. I listen to my beta readers. I get it proofread. I have it edited, then grammar checked, and the re-edited. Then, I do it again. I fought to make these books as good as I could and pour my heart into them.

I fought with my wife right beside me. She helps so much with the books. Ideas, editing, plot, dialog - she's right in the pit with me. She's emailed and crunched numbers and created a marketing battle plan that would make General Patton proud.

This morning I woke up at 4:30 and saw the best-seller rank and cried, “Jack Knifed” made the top 50 best-selling books on Amazon. I cried but then I dried my eyes and started writing...